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No more complicated flow setup. 
Your AI-first Store Concierge

Your AI Chat Consultant that works in minutes.   Unlike traditional chatbots that require complicated flow setup, CHATTERgo's AI-first approach makes use of GPT-4 reasoning and tool utilisation capabilities, together with advanced vector-based search technologies, making it immediately useful for tasks such as product recommendations, answering store policies, checking order statuses, etc..

tick No coding required    tick Your own products & content    tick Setup in minutes

Transformation starts with your AI product search

Problem Solver
CHATTERgo provides tailor-made product recommendations.

Easy Connect
Seamless integration with your Shopify or Magento eShop.

Team Tool
Leverage CHATTERgo's flexibility for diverse roles.

Custom Plug-Ins
Get CHATTERgo customized to fit your specific system needs.

No coding required

Building with Chattergo AI easier than ever

Customize behavior

Ensure that your search bot matches your brand’s personality with custom instructions.

Base Prompt

You are a polite, helpful beauty consultant at Clear Beauty. We sell diverse body care products and beauty supplements.


Nice to meet you! How can I assist you with your beauty needs today😀?


Welcome to Clear Beauty, I will assist you with any beauty and skincare concerns you may have. How can I help you today?
What is my skin type?
Recommend summer skincare products
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Customize appearance

Make the AI search as part of your website. And customize the layout for seamless integration with your website or app.

Integrate with your platform

Connect to your favourite sales platform like Shopify and Magento for for product catalog, generate python code & images, etc.


Build your knowledge base

Support a wide range of file formats, content including text file, pdf, MS Words, Excel & Powerpoint helps you building your private knowledge base

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